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To be a leading supplier of laboratory equipment


To uplift the laboratory unit by collaborating with a prominent brand in IVD Sector based on the value and strong customer relationship


Provide delighting experiences for the clients in order to achieve legendary extremes of customer satisfaction, additional services and customer value

Critical Success Factors: Support guidelines through proactive engagement with payers & partnership with Scientific Societies and KOLs /Leverage distributor/ Training of the 28 private labs directors spread around the countries → KOLs round tables

To achieve substantial improvements in customer experience major changes in process around customer centric end to end setup (360 Customer Experience) will be required./ Quick response for product problems (e.g. waste and bulky cool chain package), quick replacement and always stocked


High Standard medical Inc.

The Medical High Standards Corporation for its owner, Engineer Muhammad bin Nami Al-Bishri, established its first foundation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2013 to start working in the field of contracting, medical contracting and mechanical work for medical facilities.

Up to date with regarding infection control

Commitment to the special technical specifications

What distinguishes the Medical High Standards Corporation is that it is based on the general specifications issued by the World Health Organization, the American and European Infection Control Center, and the Saudi Ministry of Health, keeping it up to date with updates regarding infection control and its commitment to the special technical specifications that make us gain the confidence of our customers all over the Kingdom

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